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Protecting your client is more than just being muscular and wearing sun glasses. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes; for example a team of agents that work around the clock conducting investigations and planning your move.


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With more than 60 years of combined security experience, the principals of TMLA offer superior global services in investigation, security and executive protection. Through their military, law enforcement, corporate and private sector security training, TMLA agents are available to provide valuable knowledge and skills in protection and security.

Our agents have worked in such diverse areas as presidential campaign security, celebrity security, and protection of U.S. installations and assets. As head of security for international ministries, our agents have coordinated multi-national events to ensure the safety of our clients.

We have provided security in more than 125 U.S. cities and 30 countries. We have experience as law enforcement and military specialists, both overseas and at home. Our staff of agents includes a former state trooper, former law enforcement officer, certified police instructors, and a licensed
Personal Protection Agents.

The challenges facing today’s companies are far different from those of the past. The traditional security management model is no longer a viable solution for many organizations. Small to medium sized companies cannot afford the fixed costs of maintaining security and emergency management professionals and large companies find planning and program development requirements come in cycles, leaving them not enough qualified personnel to meet needs during critical periods.

Our Executive Risk Management services include:

  • Executive protection
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Executive Travel Security
  • Kidnap prevention
  • Counter-terrorism methodologies
  • Hostage survival strategies
  • Threat assessment
  • Protective details
  • Escape and evasion driving
  • Command post operations
  • Close quarters protection
  • Motorcades and convoys
  • Terrorism profiles
  • Armed and unarmed defensive tactics
  • U.S. and foreign advances
  • Intelligence gathering

Whether your business requirements are local or across the country, our management team will work closely with your team to maintain a good security program. Our team will meet your current needs and become dependable partners in the growth and planned expansion of your business.

Our initial free consultation will be the first step in understanding your current business requirements and long term asset protection goals. Make one phone call or send one e-mail and we will take it from there. Setting an initial appointment to meet at your facility, will allow us to evaluate your present security program.

As a security consulting and investigation company we network with agencies all around the world. Allow us to be your one-stop-security provider

Services Locations
Houston Texas  Dallas Texas  Fort Worth Texas
San Antonio Texas

Network Locations

Jerusalem, Israel  Athens, Greece  South Africa  South America

California  North Carolina  Washington D.C.   New York, NY

TMLA incorporated in the State of Texas and licensed with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

License number C14040



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